Richard if Starkel comes here how does that affect chandler Morris

Just curious how that might affect his decision

I wouldn’t think it would affect his situation at all. Starkel would be a senior and Chandler a true freshman in 2020, when he’s likely to redshirt anyway. Chandler would essentially take Hicks spot and you could have the following depth chart at QB:


Starkel has 2 more yrs.


Aren’t we forgetting Noland here?

Very much so. I honestly wasn’t replying to the list but whether Starkel coming would impact Morris which in my opinion is no.

Anyone that writes off Connor will be proven wrong.

I most certainly would not write off Noland I’ve been his biggest fan and still believe he has an incredible upside all he needs is time to throw the ball and receivers to get open his god-given talent will take care of the rest

I like the way this is potentially laying out with possibly landing Starkel. It means that (provided no injuries) that these younger QB’s can take their time with developing, playing 4 games,getting reps and getting stronger. Being brought along a little slower in the SEC could pay huge dividends down the road for this team.

Starkel has a NFL arm and good accuracy. He’s just not going to juke any LB’s in the backfield.

My bad…in my brain he’s baseball right now.