Richard, I know we say this a lot

Because we are all a little biased. This time feels different to me. It seems like we may have hit the recruiting jackpot or trifecta with this new defensive staff. These guys appear to be over the top recruiters. I like their energy and style. I have been watching the Hogs Plus videos and these guys are the real deal. They seem like great men and that will sell itself. Do you get the sense these guys are different/better recruiters than what we’ve had in the past? I know they have to coach them up but I have been impressed with the recruiting side so far.


I think many on here agree with that assessment - I’m afraid some of the blueblood programs are going to be after these guys big time. They have helped to directly take 2 of the ‘24 guys away from Ole Nick. He’s not going to tolerate that very well.

Maybe the parents of Bama recruits are waking up, and don’t want their child going to a school commonly referred to as Murder U.


Early indications are very promising. Time will tell but they’re getting a lot of impressive kids on campus.

Sometimes you have coaches with the ability to connect on a personal level and I believe that’s what you’re seeing. What Xavier Atkins told me on Saturday blew me away. Being someone who was raised by a single mom and hearing him say what he did about T Will made me emotional.

Kids need a father and Xavier’s comments about T Will blew me away.


Definitely sounds as though he will be flipping to us from LSU

I agree. At this time, I would be surprised if he doesn’t.

Sure hope we get him to play for our Hogs. Either school will prepare him for an oportunity to play in the NFL.

I’m not knocking any past coaches, but I remember looking at the recruiting classes many years with Coach Nutt and seeing mostly 2 and 3 starts with two or three four stars. I think he got the most out of them that he could. I remember frequently hearing, we have to do more with less. For the first time we appear to be recruiting with the upper half of the SEC. Building on that will just take time. We have some amazing people coaching on the Hill right now (in all sports) and the athletes seem to sense that there is something special about the atmosphere inside the program, in Fayetteville, and in the state.

NIL seems to have leveled them playing field for the time being.

I know some think that but I honestly don’t think so. We’ll know more in the coming years but I think you will continue to see the usual schools at the top.

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