Richard how u feel about Lakia Henry?

He is an unbelievable linebacker IMO would be the best we’ve signed in a long time…I have a good feeling about him…how about you?

Let me check on this.

Sounds good.thanks

After checking I don’t have a strong feel either way. I think he’s just taking his time and thinking it over during the dead period.


Well Scoota thinks he is a lock so I feel pretty good.

Scoota feeling good is why i asked,so hopefully he’s right.he would be a instant starter.

Just de-committed from UT. I guess we’ll see if college Algebra or FSU is next. … 88033?s=19

Has there been anything substantive stated that he needs algebra or is just floating around as common knowledge… I ask because if it is true, I just can’t see the kid taking the class if he doesn’t have to… algebra -hard, another school-easy…

Well, he has work to do in the classroom, obvious, as he isn’t a January enrollee. I’ve read where Arkansas expects him to be here in June if they sign him, fwiw.

yeah, sounds a bit shaky… if he needs a class and is not taking it this semester, I’m sure our staff would know, but expecting him in June would lead to believe that he’s working on it… … so , I guess we’ll keep our fingers crossed… thanks…