Richard? How do you see this class finishing out --------

------------------ we have about fifteen public commitments so far. There seems to be a lot of 3-stars with lots of upside potential but not many 4-stars. It sounds like we are short listed on several four star receivers and secondary recruits, so that sounds like we might finish strong at those positions. Do we have any potential to finish strong in the D-line, Linebackers, O-line, etc.?

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Richard do you think we will ultimately recruit about like we did during the Bielema days with Pittman? I’m thinking that’s about how Pitt will do, maybe slightly better, but not quite chads level. Hopefully they can coach better than both.

Off the top of my head, Cameron Ball is the best bet at DL, Markevious Brown at DB, Jayden Thomas and Ketron Jackson at WR, Armon “Big Baby” Bethea at OL and Gereme Spraggins at LB.

That would not be a bad thing!

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