Richard how do you feel about Kavion Henderson

The big DE from Leeds Alabama He supposedly had a tweet saying he did not want to just follow the wave of recruits to another school he wanted to start his own wave and he said he would do that.
Makes me think we may have a shot… what are you hearing.
When is he supposed to announce?

Sunday at 3pm?? Anyway, all Hog.


Could very well be the signing that breaks the stigma that great DL do not come to Arkansas.

I know teams are working hard to beat us down because of the three man DL but maybe getting this great DE will make some great DT come with him.

Would be great to beat Bama for somebody they really want.

Reminds me of Will Anderson.He’s been very well coached,notice how he gets great arm extension to keep OL from getting into his body and locking him up.
He also does a great job of attacking the OL outside shoulder to make sure he contains outside leverage to make sure the QB or RB doesn’t get outside…Very fundamentally sound kid

Leeds Alabama is Charles Barkley’s hometown. My buddy had Charles in his youth group at church. Loves the guy.

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Absolutely Danny… I know exactly where Leeds is, used to go by it on my way to and from Georgia. They also have a Buc-ee’s there for some reason LOL. I haven’t stopped at it yet but I will one day

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Been to that Buc-ee’s. It was packed (as usual). Met a guy working there that had been a professor at a college. Said once he retired he enjoyed seeing people and visiting while working at the store. Nice guy. He saw my Hog plates and we talked SEC football.

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Awesome! Yes I will brave the huge crowds to go in there one day.


247 has him as 100% AR.
Rivals has him as 100% Bama.
On3 has him 90% AR.

Should be interesting

Edit: I agree with RazorAg, look at the dates. All the AR CB’s were yesterday

Wonder why RD is silent

He’s pretty consistently said positive things about our chances, even this week. I think his silence is to give the kid his moment.


Now what in world is a Buc-ee’s? Sounds like joint an Oregon State fan would stop to take a whiz, buy a big old Mountain Dew and load up on Little Debbie’s.

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I think Hugh Freeze is a silent partner…… :wink:

Huge gas station / shopping store that has pretty much everything. Very similar to Bass pro shop in size. I’ve never been but it has a tremendous following of people who love them.

It’s a Texass thing!!!

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Haha, not a bad description Pav, it’s all of that and much more… I can say from personal experience it’s a dangerous place when you’ve got the munchies!

Here’s a a great vídeo tour by “Strictly Dumpling” on YT for those that haven’t been or who want to see a video of this Texas Legend.

24 hours eating nothing but Buc-ee’s!

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