Richard, holdenhogfield

Made a good point (imo) that is buried in another thread on the football board.

He mentioned that we are still playing with lots of Chad’s recruits.

Are you surprised that more of Pittman’s players from his first two classes haven’t stepped up?

I’m not RIchard…but it is my impression that Sam wants to build for the long haul. He doesn’t want a player playing a handful of plays in 2022 vs. redshirting, and then playing a major role on down the road.

It is the formula of Mark Stoops at KY, Mike Gundy at OSU, and Matt Campbell at Iowa State (to name three). You turn 3-stars into something bigger and better and smarter and more mature. Still need some of those uber-elite recruits but we are getting those. Need a deeper, and older, supporting cast.

Seems the Redshirt process that was a major benefit to taking a flyer on some recruits, which has been a cornerstone of those of us who don’t routinely get a boatload of 4/5 star recruits can have its risks in this new portal world.

Sounds good to me.

QB- KJ Jefferson (Morris)

RB Rocket, Dubinion, Green (Pittman)

OL Wagner- Bielema

OL Latham- Morris

OL Stromberg- Morris

OL Limmer- Morris

OL Jones- Committed to Bielema, flipped to ND after Bielema’s firing, transferred to Arkansas under Morris

TE Trey Knox- Morris

WR Haselwood- Pittman

WR Landers- Pittman

WR Jackson- Pittman


DE- Landon Jackson (Pittman), Jashuad Stewart (Pittman) Zach Williams (Morris) , Eric Gregory (Morris), Jordan Dominick (Pittman)

DT Isaiah Nichols ( Morris) Cameron Ball (Pittman) Terry Hampton (Pittman)

LB Bumper Pool (Committed to Bielema, signed with Morris), Drew Sanders ( Pittman) Chris Paul (Pittman) Jordan Crook (Pittman)

DB Dwight McGlothern (Pittman) Brini (Pittman) Jayden Johnson (Pittman) Malik Chavis (Morris) Hudson Clark (Morris) Simeon Blair (Morris), Quincey McAdoo (Pittman) Myles Slusher (Pittman)

K- Cam Little (Pittman) Reid Blair (Morris)


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