Richard . . . Gooden status?

I’ve heard rumblings on other sites that he may have de-committed?

Anything to that?

His latest tweet seems to indicate it. Checking.

I assume he’s upset about the Noah Jefferson offer. If I was Arkansas I would have done the same.

I must be missing something, because I don’t see why we wouldn’t take both of these guys.

I’m just assuming. Not stating it as a fact.

Emmitt said he has NOT decommitted.

He said this tweet is from a song of one of his favorite artists.

FWIW, I know what’s being reported elsewhere, but I’m still counting Emmit as a commitment until I hear otherwise.

Not going to lie, the worry about whether this guy is decommitting every week is getting old.

Every week there’s unusual tweets.

Can understand that.

Richard, exactly what did he tweet?

Below. He has since deleted it.

I had 2 cut em off they wasn’t loyal #FreeAgent

— TheRealEmmitG (@What_A_Star5) November 2, 2017

Thanks, Richard. I can see how that could be misconstrued (if it was).

Just got to Earle

It’s a lyric by Atlanta-base rapper Money Man

I think I have a really good relationship with Emmit

I believe when he says he is still committed

So the story on SEC country is wrong.

I sure hope that Gooden becomes a Hog he has the size and motor we need! Getting another D lineman to come in at the same time could only help!

Do these kids think about what they tweet before they do it? Surely they know that some people hang on every word they utter or type and that things can easily be taken out of context. Or maybe they just like the attention it stirs up.

sadly no they don’t because they are kids and are simply expressing themselves via social media. It is strange and hard for them to comprehend and understand that they have 30-60 year olds hanging on every word they say. It is a fact of life as it pertains to recruiting and social media now.