Richard, good about the 2-way lineman from Dumas

Kid looks like he could be a Hog with the effort he put out on every play

Think he could be a walkon possibility at Arkansas.

With seniors able to come back, the numbers for walkon spots will be tight.

I thought that returning SR’s would not count against the normal 85? Will they instead count against the top end total of 115? I think it is 115…If not why would walk on spots be any less than normal?

It’s actually 105 so if you have five seniors come back for year 5 (or 6) that reduces you to 15 walk-on spots. However, if you had a big senior class and all of them decided to come back, which they could, you could have more than 105 on scholarship, never mind on the roster.

So any returning SR’s will count against the 105 but not against the 85 scholarships. I like what they are doing but doesn’t seem fair to the walkons that lose their spot.

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