Richard ? For you on transfers

Don’t they start enrolling today ?

Do you expect any more additional transfers for us this semester?

Was almost afraid to open! But curiosity will probably get more than the cat.


Most reported during the weekend and yes today is the first day of classes.You have til Friday to enroll.

Yeah, I didn’t know what to expect. Glad it was about transfers.

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Also, not expecting Mitchell or Berrong to be Hogs.

So would you say we are done ?

Anything on the UGA LBer you mentioned as one to Keep an eye on?

And can you shed any light on Mitchell? Or the TE? Did they end up anywhere ? Did they just tell us no?

I checked on him today and it’s quiet. So no update.

Not much other than I’m not expecting them to be on the Hill.

Ouch…especially on Berrong!!!

You know he cannot answer that other than he doesn’t expect them to be at arkansas.

Also not expecting any other midterm additions.

Well that’s not very encouraging……

Can’t say they met all the needs …… hope spring is not very intense….we will be thin at spots …

No… if they picked another school, I would think he could answer that …. Or if we moved on, yeah situations like that have been reported on before….

Again, once it is out that we moved on he can state that but that is what appears to be the issue here. Now was it because of nil? Did they want more? New coaches decided a different direction? Won’t know until smoke clears and reporters will report it once they actually can.

All midterms are on the Hill.

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