Richard ? For you on spring transfers

Hey man, looks like you go a month long dead period coming up in Feb,… so hopefully you’ll get some time off….

Regarding the next wave of transfers, do you think the coaches have a plan to bring in any transfers for visits over the spring months? Do you think the staff has certain number they want to fill this spring and will leave open 2 or 3 to have for any mid to late summer additions?


I’m sure they have a plan but not 100% what it is right now. Will try and see what I can find out.

I bet the main point is to plan to be flexible

True. They might feel better about a position after going through spring practice. Or they could think they need more help at a position they previously thought they were in good shape numbers wise.

What I might hear now can obviously change in a few weeks or months. No greater example than Jalen Catalon. I know with 100% certainty he told someone he was coming back during the season. I found out later he also told another person he was coming back.

I mentioned on the board during the latter part of the season he told the first person he was coming back. Well he obviously changed his mind.

Shorthorns have deep pockets and little regard for ethics.

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