Richard ? For you on recruiting

Hey could you give us a few you think we have a real shot at to close out this class?

Also how many do you think we end up signing ?

Going to be tied up the next few hours. Will definitely answer tonight.

That’s a little too much info, lol.

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I could see all of these calling the Hogs on the first visit weekend.

DT Montra Edwards

DB Khari Johnson

DB Rae’Kwon Starks

DE Eric Thomas Jr.

LB Kendarrius Moore

DB Nick Turner

LB Brennon Scott


Thanks Richard…

Any RBs you are hearing about?

Also how do you feel about Henderson, Robert Scott and St John on the OL?

Those guys would be great additions

All defensive guys. Interesting

Obviously CSP has been watching film.

Feel real good about Henderson. Good about other two.

Richard,how do you feel about the 2 QBs that are visiting?

that would be HUGE for our team. When is the last time we signed a slew of DB/LB’s? we did a few years ago, but only Scoota Harris panned out from that group of LB’s.


Henderson has a chance to play very early.

Whats going on with Mike Harris and Rashad Battle? Surely with Slusher on board, we will take 2-3 other DBs. Battle and Turner would be the best of the bunch, and you’ve said multiple times the staff really likes Khari Johnson. I just don’t see them turning Harris away. Will be interesting to see how this all plays out.