Richard? For you on commits visiting other schools

So Richard it looks like the following recruits are taking last weekend visits can you share your thoughts?

Tease , looks like he’s visiting A&M this weekend? You think he sticks or switch’s?

Johnson is at Auburn this weekend , what you think happens here ?

Easter is at USCe, do you think he leaves the state ?

Singleton , is he home or in Central Florida ?

Anyone else visiting somewhere else ?

His mom told me he’s not visiting. He was looking to attend a practice but it doesn’t appear he’ll be able to because of airfare.

You lose two of the three I believe. Johnson as good to auburn if they offer.

If Easter goes to usce then maybe we grab te formerly committed to Stanford.

Richard, have the hasz boys set a time to sign NLI next week?

I worry a lot more about guys pushing signing to February

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