Arkansas has always managed to attract decent Oline talent. What has changed the past 3 years? Is this downward trend due to having very little talent in Arkansas the past few years and upstart Oline coaches? I realize we have some young pups that may pan out over the next couple of years but it seems we also have no impact players coming in this next class. What has changed in the last 2-3 years? Perception is reality. The perception is we have a terrible Oline and no real prospect of improving in the near future. Are we couch fans way off base and do you see this current class getting what they need by signing day? Did the previous and current Oline coach have issues on the recruiting trail? If so, is that solely based on the fact that they cannot point to past players they have put into the NFL? I know this is beating a dead horse but I just cannot understand the Oline recruiting struggles for such a long stretch of time.

My opinion -

Recruiting big time OL is about relationships. They have 1 goal. Make it to the NFL.

When we lost Sam Pitman, we brought in someone with zero relationships.

We wouldn’t recruit Texas and we lost our FL connection when Shannon and Partridge left.

I was hoping CBB would attract more OL from mid west, where he was from, but apparently he didn’t have any connections there either.

This is why to book is still out on Frye, can he build relationships to attract big time talent? TBD.

FYI, I think Coach Frye has coached his butt off this year. I’ve seen huge improvement in OL over the year.

The 2014 OL class- Wallace, Ragnow, (JC) Tretola,

2015-Froholdt, Rogers, Merrick and Jackson

2016- (JC) Ramirez, (JC) Malone, Heinrich, Hays

2017- Wagner, Clenin, Adcock, Clary

2018- Robinson, Gatlin, Winkel

Five of the 15 are unable to play with two in the 15 class and three in the 16 class. I would say the five no longer able to play is a big deal. They obviously missed on some.

Bret admitted they should’ve signed more. Add two capable of playing in the SEC and that helps.

Always amused when we mention Randy Shannon. He was anything but an asset. His recruiting reputation is still shining brightly despite having faded on the recruiting trail.

Those injuries are a big deal. There is your depth, if not meaningful competition for starting spots.