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Are scholorships offered for 1 year or are they 4 year commitments from the school? I guess what I’m really wondering is say a kid doesn’t contribute or isn’t going to contribute because of athletic ability or lack thereof and coach informs him if he wants playing time he needs to move on to free up scholarships, but what if kid says no? If they were 1 year renewable scholorships you just don’t renew it. But if it’s a 4 year one, there might be a problem. How does all that work? I know we hear it will work itself out. Just curious. And if a kids does move on, how does that affect the grade score thing we have to deal with the NCAA?

Starting in 2015 the P5 schools voted to make scholarships 4 year guarantees. You can’t take a scholarship away based on athletic performance, only academic or for violating academic department policies.

Which means that we can’t cut a kid to free up a scholarship. You can tell him if you stay here you’ll never play but you can’t take away the scholarship.

As far as the effect on APR, it does have some effect, but one transfer in football with 85 total scholies has a lot less impact than one in hoops with 13. As I understand it, if a player transfers with passing grades, you get the academic point but not the retention point. If he flunks out and leaves, you lose both.

The above is accurate

The rules affect all the P5 colleges equally so either way it doesn’t matter.