Richard & Dudley? Can you make a list of the uniforms recruits chose......................

…for their recruiting visit photos? I am curious how many want to wear which helmet and jersey combination. For instance, Trey Knox chose the anthracite jersey and the mirror helmet with the silver hog for his photo. I think the majority choose the red jersey, but I am not sure on the helmet choice. I think a lot choose the shiny red helmet.

Can you confirm the popularity of each option? If 4-star recruits prefer anthracite, the fashionistas who want old school only uniforms need to button it up and support what top recruits like, if they care about the Razorbacks. JMVVVVVHO.

Through Twitter pictures, I would say the most popular combo was the anthracite uniform with the red, chrome helmet. Several liked the all white - uniform and helmet.

It may be easier to make a list of how many top recruits choose the old school uniform that many on this board love so much. When you are Alabama, you can be “take it or leave it” on the uniform. Arkansas does not have that luxury, so appeasing traditionalist fans needs to take second place to making great recruits happy. JMVVVVVVVHO

I’ll try to do a tally later today, but word of mouth is easy - Anthracite.

I know that disappoints a lot of people, but it’s just the way things are with today’s prospects

That should pretty much end any uniform debate in my humble opinion. :smiley:


That should pretty much end any uniform debate in my humble opinion. :smiley:

[/quote] should be u know it won’t

After looking at the SMU uniform photos I dredged up a couple weeks ago, I think we can look forward to (or live in dread of) a lot of uniform combinations.

It’s all about publicity. Every week Espn does a uniform watch. I remember going weeks without The hogs being mentioned on any Espn network other then the SEC one.

I don’t think Anthracite should be the primary, we still have to stick to our cardinal. But we will se a lot of uniform combos and I can’t wait

I agree. Anthracite or any other “special” jersey, helmet, or shoe should not be the norm. But the recruits like them so we should never quit doing something special occasionally to spice things up.

Win-anthracite good.
Lose-anthracite sucks.

All white?

what is our record in anthracite. I’d say it was at least .500.

Try getting better recruits. It helps you win more often.

Get’s good recruits-anthracite good.
Getting bad recruits-try doing things they like for a change. Might get you more of those wins you want.

Our uniforms need a re-design. They are among the ugliest in the SEC. Our jerseys and pants design is lame. I don’t care if we wear some anthracite…I like the grey helmet and silver hog, but just don’t like the tusk and the weird stripe or design on the pants. I love the red chrome helmet. I can’t stand that ugly red matte helmet. I like the white helmet and the red chrome hog if the helmet had a wide red stripe on the top to give it some color.

I would bet Coach Morris has us lookin’ better next year. We need an upgrade.

That’s actually pretty good then, when you compare it to bielemas overall record. Maybe he should’ve work anthracite more.

I think the Anthracite uniforms look best with the red helmet or the red chrome helmet, not the gray helmet.

Quick question. Why don’t the Anthracite uniforms have red numbers? That would make them look better too instead of white numbers.

I think red numbers would look good, but (and this is pure speculation) I know there is a rule where the contrast between Jersey and Numbers have to be different (like FAMU getting flagged for it last year). Maybe they are too close?

I know back in the day of newspaper business and black-and-white photos, color numbers on dark uniform were a nightmare to identify. Not so much with color pictures these days.