Richard/Dudley any truth that Tre Mitchell may be coming

I read elsewhere where Muss has been working him over and there’s a good shot at us getting him…would be Awesome he’s 6’9 235 with range

God, I hope so! That would be awesome!

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Don’t make my heart beat that fast.
Tickets to a home game for a Razorback basketball game would be rather difficult to come by. A crescendo rivaling the madness of '93-'95.

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You are right.

He is announcing a short list of schools this week. He chose UMass over Arkansas, UConn and Norte Dame out of high school. Knows Muss from that recruiting cycle. Hearing Arkansas or Illinois.

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Muss may just fill out this class with a pair of Tre(y)s…fingers crossed. Go Hogs!


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Bigger Justin Smith? Perfect!

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Oh my, what do we know DD?

Now I see what you are doing

The last time we saw one of these smiley face emojis on here we got Umude :sunglasses:

Your killing us DD!!

That would work! He sure knows what to do with the ball both high and low. A bigger Smith who can shoot the 3 and perhaps a little more athletic.

They may sell out the Red White Game. I can remember when that happened.

Don’t know how likely this is but adding Tre Mitchell gets us in the conversation for preseason #1

More athletic? One would be hard pressed to find a big as athletic (not to mention, more athletic) than Smith.
Mitchell ain’t even close. He’s really a below the rim player with a good skill set.
I’m impressed by the fact he’s comfortable using either hand. He’s almost exclusively a lefty in the lane but outside shots are righty.

No Mitchell is not as athletic as Smith but much more skilled offensively

I sure hope this is true, him and Jalen Williams would be a fun show.

I expect Connor V to surprise many of you when he comes back finally recovered from Covid that looked like it hit him hard last year, kind of analagous to Wicklander and diabetic recovery and managing it. Where CV fits in the new big man expert on these threads is hard to gauge. DD probably knows and Scotttie seems to handle these gigs for insider knowledge, but a healthy and strong CV has not been discussed in roster and role expectation. Im not sure I know who is coming back with what expectations from Coach Muss and staff. Start there and tell me what we have and then what we still need.