Richard/Dudley, any concerns that the Hogs

did not get even a couple of commitments from the past weekend?

None. They will be more coming out of the weekend.

I would say all is not as it appears sometimes.

The key missing word there being public.

I had the same question but didn’t ask it. Dudley’s response makes me feel much, much better.

Yes, thank you guys for responding

When Richard & Dudley speak positively that is usually a good sign.

Ahhhh yes…the old read between the lines nugget from Dudley…love it.

In other words…”Patience Grasshopper!”

What they are saying, there were also two silent commitments to go along with two public commitments. The public, one for 2019 and one for 2020.

I don’t understand why this is SO hard for so many people to understand . . . Big recruiting weekend does not necessarily equal BIG number of PUBLIC announcements within the first few days after said event, but may well equal significant positive results on SIGNING DAY.

See Richard’s responses to my post/question on this subject from last week:



So - we SIGNED 11 of the kids who came to last year’s big event - but only ONE commitment was made public right afterward (and that one ended up going elsewhere). So, THIS IS NOT UNUSUAL AT ALL!

I do remember a lot of the chicken-little crowd worrying through the early months and taking a very pessimistic view of Morris’ recruiting. In the end, it all worked out.

Patience, grasshopper - patience!