Richard, do we have 2 silent commits?

Are we still counting 2 as silent commits?

There’s a couple of guys I feel real good about.

How excited will we get over these guys? Trying to get a gauge on their rating.

Assume one is Bush, he’d be a very excited level for me.


RD, the four GA decommits and the Bama commit. Is there any mutual interest between any of them and AR?

I’m gonna assume you mean Bush, Brooks/Catalon, and Cunningham. I don’t know if the staff takes 3 more DBs. Hopefully Enoch and Carter are getting after Catalon real hard.

My assumption, and I have no clue, is Anderson (they said if he had a good visit, he would commit, he had a good visit, then nothing else said), Catalon (based off Carter’s commit, every service talked about what Carter’s commit means for us and also mentioned Jalen, to me that was a huge hint from every service, including ESPN), and Bush, Dudley and RD always seem to mention his name as possible next.

The reason I don’t think it’s Cunningham, is RD made the original silent commit comment before he visited.

How would feel about Jalen Catalon and Devin Bush?

Catalon - very excited!

Bush - A couple of things that give me pause, but I’d like to have him.

Richard pointed out that there were others ahead of Tim Anderson in the pecking order.

Didn’t see that, but thank you

I asked about Anderson several days after his OV, here is RDs reply.

Appreciate it, thank you

IMO Anderson has a chance to be very good,will have to add some weight but he is very fundamentally sound and has Great feet.