Richard & DD? Is it fair to say.......................

…that the quantity and quality of recruits “visiting and/or short listing us” is higher than any previous Arkansas recruiting season at this point in the process? We have certainly had more commitments at this point with established staffs after a successful season, but I don’t remember this quantity before. Getting short listed or visited is good, but closing the deal is the real proof in the pudding. Last year, CCM got several commitments to OU, A&M, MSU, etc. to consider us but we did not close the deal much except, maybe, Rakeem Boyd. Do you think we can get and hold a respectable share of these soon?

Not close the deal much? He flipped Bishop and Mason from MSU, beat out A&M and Florida for Gerald, beat Bama Lsu Auburn for Foucha, and beat Texas on a late push for Parker. And Rakeem only had 2 offers, Arkansas and Colorado. For coming in very late in the recruiting season, CCM and staff worked their tails off and showed they can recruit against the top schools. Now they just need to show what they can do on the field to further improve the recruiting

It was the worst signing day class in history for 2018. Period. Let’s stop sugar coating it.

And they are off to a terrible start this year. Just check 24/7 or Rivals. We aren’t even the favorite for any of the top 3 players in our own state. And we need them bad. Wilkins won’t even list us.

Something isn’t right with the picture.

No idea what you’re talking about on the in-state guys. Arkansas is in pretty good shape with all right now minus Wilkins being an OU lean.

Elmo is always Mr. Negative.

I also disagree with Elmo’s continual slamming of the hire and everything else to do with the coach and staff. First, there have been many, many top tier coaches that have very similar coaching backgrounds as our current coach. Many HUGE names went from offensive or defensive coord. straight to the head coaching job and were successful. Bob Stoops, Mike Gundy , Gus Malzahan and the list goes on and on. Several coaches in the mighty SEC were hired directly from coordinators positions. And before you talk about his record as a head coach again, please remember that was at SMU. If not the worst football program in the last 20 years or so would be right up there with the worst. And he clearly improved it dramatically. I don’t know if he will be a huge success at Arkansas or not and there is no way you know that either but my opinion is we have not had a coach maybe since Lou Holtz that has the charisma of CM. That sure gives him a real good chance and you should at least give him a chance too. One other thing, rating him on last years small class (a problem he inherited) given that he was here all of 5/6 weeks before the early signing date is to put it nicely not fair. Again, I’m not saying he will be a huge success but I think there is a good chance he will be and we should give him that chance.

I think June will be a very busy month. of visits and commitments.

Id love to see what your looking at, because i see Arkansas being the favorite on Crystal Ball picks on all in state kids except Wilkins. If you want to argue about how “terrible” things are, at least have facts to back it up. And regarding last years class, the low ranking came from the low number of recruits. It was going to be low no matter who was HC. We simply didnt have enough scholarships for a full class, they actually signed more then there were scholarships for.

Elmo wanted Lane Kiffin to be hired (I believe). He has been vocal about his dislike of the CCM hire. The tone of his posts are “win at any cost”. At least that is how I read them. I’ll say this for Elmo, he is consistent in his posts and admits freely he hopes he is wrong.

Only time will tell about the hire. And all of us (including Elmo) hopes he turns this thing around.

I’m a glass half full guy and believe 100% he will.

Our crappy class is still ranked 16 spots above Kiffin’s class at FIU according to Rivals. And Kiffin didn’t come in two weeks before signing day.

Facts can be such inconvenient things…

I think it may be because your picture isn’t in focus or HD.

I agree with you on one thing. It was the worst “signing day” class in history.

The reason is because many signed in the December early signing period and not on “signing day.”

Arkansas was 77th in the 24/7 composite 2018 rankings when this staff arrived. It finished 49th when it landed Dorian Gerald to get into the top 50.

He also did not sign on “signing day.”

The 2019 class is currently 49th - in the 24/7 composite rankings - with just three commits.

Wilkins is taking an official here in June. So “Wilkins won’t even list us” is simply not a true statement, a simple fabrication on your part.

I think OU leads for Stacey because of the way his face lights up when he is asked about them.

I did part of my Sunday interview with Stacey with an OU writer and a Texas writer. I stayed longer than they did - on purpose - so I could hear the questions they asked and what he said.

Whiile I think there is only one lock - that being the one committed in Malik Chavis - I think Arkansas is in good shape with everyone else bit Wilkins.

I think if Henry chose today it would be Arkansas or Stanford.

I think if Treylon Burks chose today it would be Arkansas with LSU as the runner-up. I think Marcus Miller - his Warren teammate - is likely Arkansas.

I think if Zach Williams chose today, he would follow his father’s footsteps and be a Razorback.

I think if Jadon Jackson chose today, it would be Arkansas.

I don’t have a clue on Darius Thomas. Big man. Quiet man.

I was about as negative as anybody the last 2/3 years but I’m now cautiously optomistic and I have been ever since I watched the video of CM’s first speech to the team. To me that was a real game changer. I haven’t seen anything like that in a while at Arkansas. Certainly not in the last 6 years.

Yes, there has been far more quality and quantity on this campus already this year than any other in my 30-plus years on the Arkansas recruiting beat.

The reasons are:

• Because the new staff invited coaches and players to every single practice - with over 600 coaches and some 500 athletes in the 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 classes.

• Because they had targeted high profile talent in here on three different days.

• Because of the new rule allowing early official visits.

Dudley, just stop. You know that these kids aren’t very interested in the new program as it DOES NOT translate to the NFL. It is all talk. Of course they will take a visit. It’s a free vacation weekend. But they all sign with better programs.

It is time to be real and honest about where we are as a program.

This isn’t personal. I just know that were in for a very hard road UNLESS we get a big class in CM’s first year. If we get blown out(which I sadly feel we will), it’s over. It is gonna be a decade of playing catch up. It’s worse than when we fired CBP. That set us back 5 years.

I’m glad you feel this way.

You should save us all the trouble, go ahead and pick a new it team, and carry your thoughts to their board. No one likes a Debbie downer who can’t even use real factual information.

I am glad you are glad. We are in this mess cause people like you that run the program and athletics think they know better. And that’s why we are in the basement - and will be unless a change happens that shows we are serious about WINNING.

Hiring a losing coach isn’t being serious about winning. Bama got serious about winning and look what happened…they have been winning ever since, and we havent beat them.

Elmo go away! I think you’re a troll anyway!


Talking about knowing what you’re talkIng about, and you can’t even use facts. So who does and who doesn’t?

P.S. those around college football, and those who have been for a very long time have made their opinion widely known that chad is a great coach. They also say an ignorant person will point to the over all record, because they have no idea what the SMU team was like. That ignorant person will also ignore the progression and success he had with that team, getting them to a bowl game and having 3 players drafted this year.

If the shoe fits, Elmo wears it.

Not a troll. Just saying it like it is, We hired a loser.

Progression huh? Navy hung 70 on them just last season. Central Florida turned it over multiple times and they still couldn’t beat them.

CM jumped at the chance for this job. JJ and SJ arranged it for him cause of JSJ. Who could blame him? He’s got a 3 year free pass and more money than he’d ever make at SMU.

I hope I am wrong and will enjoy saying it if I am proven that way. But right now, all we have is a bunch of talk, social media posts, and next to last in SEC recruiting.

I won’t defend the OP but comparing the recruiting rankings of an SEC team vs FAU if not really a fair fight