Richard/DD, an eligibility question

No one specific, just prompted by a question I saw on Quora this morning. Guy said he’s 25 years old and wants to play D-I football. My understanding is that whether you enroll in college straight out of high school or not, after a one-year grace period your D-I eligibility clock starts ticking and thus there’s no way a 25-year-old could play except if there was a Mormon mission or military service thrown in there. Is that correct?

There’s been plenty of pro baseball guys that delayed playing football and started their careers at 23-26 and had the full 4-5 years. … essionally

Didn’t think of that. I remember Robby Hampton playing QB for us after playing in the Jays organization (which in Canada must be pronounced organ-EYE-zation). However, I don’t think this guy has any extenuating factors like that.

My recollection is that in the 70s, UTEP and Washington State had discovered the pipeline of running talent in Kenya and were crushing NCAA track with Kenyan runners. Rival coaches, who didn’t want to recruit in Kenya themselves, decided that part of the Kenyans’ advantage was that they were a few years older. So an age limit was voted in, and applied to all D-I sports. But maybe that’s not right; it’s been a few years.

Many, many years ago Rudy of ND fame was in his forties.

Isn’t it a rule that, once you enroll in a school, you have six years to complete four years of elibibility. The key is when you start the six year clock.

I found something that the NCAA has a one-year grace period after high school, then the clock starts regardless. But like everything else on the intertoobz, reliability is somewhat iffy. I looked at the NCAA manual, which is written in pure garbage-ese, and couldn’t find anything about an age restriction. So maybe the anti-Kenyan rule was taken out later.

I don’t remember how old he was but Alex Dillard also began his college career several years older than most.

What happened to the guy Morris signed who had been playing bases…Don’s see him on the roster at

He didn’t sign, he walked on in the spring then walked off. He’s at North Texas now.
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ha A walk off! Possibly he evaluated the competition + the best was not even on campus.