Richard Davenport article

Liked the article about kid who might want to come here because we are Running Back U. Hope he decides to do so. But loved the part where he said if he came here from our nation’s capital he might put D.C. on the map. Put D.C. on the map? Let me think, isn’t is ALREADY on the map for something else? :smiley:

I believe that the young man was talking about for football, which it is not.

Politics? Sure.

Not everything an aspiring football recruit - especially one considering your school - needs to be overthought or criticized

Amen, Dudley, Amen!

Of course he was talking just about football. But the world is not all about football (despite what we think in the fall). That’s is why the statement was so hilarious IMHO (speaking as the stand-up comedian I am. And several friends thought it was hilarious too.)

Plus, Dudley, I was not trying to overthink or criticize anyone, especially a recruit. There is plenty of overthinking and criticism on this board, and I don’t condone that (unless it is thoughtful and constructive criticism directed towards coaches, and overthinking based on decisions you thought were bad at the time they were made, not just afterwards based upon unforseeable results). I am sure the recruit is a great kid. He surely seems to be. And I do hope he comes here. But I think if he looked at his own statement and thought a bit even he would think it was kind of amusing in retrospect.

Agreed Nchog. It was kind of funny and I sure didn’t see it as mean spirited. Doubt the recruit did either.

I guess I missed the humor so we will agree to disagree on the semantics.

As I said, I am sure the kid was just trying to talk about DC and football.

And my overall point stands the it comes to recruits - and it’s something I have been saying for years.

Amen again, Dudley. I don’t condone attempts to make or poke fun at recruits or anyone else. And that was an attempt to make fun at what the recruit said.

Thanks, eaglehog5. And Dudley, I do know where you are coming from. Saying bad things about recruits is not only uncalled for, doing it on this Board where they can read it is beyond stupid. That was not my intent at all, but I do know why you are sensitive to that. And I don’t like criticism of players either. No problem saying you wish they had done this or that on a play. Or asking why they did or did not do this or that. But getting too worked up about it, or calling them this or that because they did that, is uncalled for. They are just kids. College kids. Doing the best they can. And we call ourselves Razorback fans and supporters. And when anything goes beyond constructive criticism, that’s not support.

P.S. I am always kidding around. Sometimes my wife says enough already. And sometimes my son, who also does stand-up comedy, even he says enough already. And sometimes people just don’t get it. Like today I finished my workout at the gym, then went upstairs to a meeting, then was walking downstairs to go home. And going downstairs I met a women in business dress walking upstairs to her office. So I said “Doing the stairclimber?” And she answered “No, I did that already, I’m going to my office.”

We all need to keep in mind these are young men and they are not perfect nor are we perfect. We need to be supportive of those in the recruiting process!

I can see how that is amusing statement; but, the fact is, the statement is true. He could put D.C. on the map. He’s that good.