Richard could you give us a best guess??

on how we finish this class as of today??

just a best guess from what you know…

Here’s who I feel good about and think they could end up signing with Arkansas. Obviously not saying it’s 100% because like I like to say it’s fluid.

Courtre Alexander

Rakeem Boyd

Tyree Wilson

Andrew Parker

Ryan Winkel

that would be a great finish…

That would indeed be a solid five to finish with at this point.

It won’t lift Arkansas much higher in the rankings - or maybe better put as high as fans want - but when you add in Bishop, Ferrell, Woods, Robinson to those five and keeping Gatlin would be about as good as could be expected in this first shot at it.

Where does John Stephen Jones fit in?

Blueshirt. He would go into the class of '19.

In terms of adding speed and talent at receiver and secondary, wouldn’t this be another “swing for the fences and strike out” recruiting season? I really expected Chad Morris to pull in at least one home run talent out of the several high rankers he got to look our way after he got hired.

Who knows…it ain’t over yet…keep the faith.

I’ll answer this question on Feb. 7.

More names are coming out every day so it would be foolish of me to state something definitive right now.

To be fair, wouldn’t this class need to include the blueshirts from last year. Again, the rankings won’t be much, if any, better, but when classes are re-ranked four or five years from now, wouldn’t they be included?

Yes. Ty Clary, Hayden Henry and Gabe Richardson.

Please stop asking how the class is shaping up, who will sign in Feb, how do you feel about Little Johnny. There’s no way of knowing by Richard or anybody else. We go full throttle for everybody, knowing some will come, some will not come. That’s all our coaches can do.

WHY? This is a message board to share ideas and look for information? If they don’t want to answer they won’t, SMH!

Why is Miles Mason not on that list?

Why is Miles Mason not on the list?

Because at the time of this post I didn’t have a strong opinion either way.

FWIW, I posted elsewhere the other day I thought Joe Foucha was looking real good.