Richard compare Knox and Burks

what do you think about these 2…I see Knox along the lines of Greg childs in that he is a nightmare matchup doesn’t have great speed but has very hands…Burks is more explosive along the lines of Cobi Hamilton…how do you see these 2?

I think it’s probably going to be hard to compare. I bet it’s two WRs we’ve never had a caliber similar to.

I see more of a DK metcalf in Knox when I watch his film.

And more of a AJ Brown in Burks.

Coni and Greg were really good, but I think these two can be much better.

I’ve seen Burks play three times. He’s a guy that’s a mismatch because his physicalness and speed. I’m not sure he has Cobi’s speed.

Based off of seeing Knox in person and on film, he’s taller and longer than Burks. He looks like a TE playing receiver. Not sure if there’s anyone in the past I could compare him to.

Metcalf is much faster than Knox,I see Knox being a real red zone threat ,not real fast if you look at his video he never runs by anyone but he has such great height and great hands he is basically always going to be open. I agree with Brown/burks comparison
They end up being as good as Cobi and Childs we will be more than ok i was watching old game films last night and its easy to forget just how really good they were…

I agree knox isn’t blazing fast, but I don’t think metcalf is. I’ve enjoyed watching ole miss because of those two and metcalf has decent speed but it’s not elite, his size it what makes him so good, as well as spectacular hands. Really enjoyed watching him match up with LSU corners even though it was a sloppy raining mess.

If anyone reminds me of Childs it is TQ Jackson… Similar size, build, speed and hopefully (eventually) production…