Richard can you check in with Henderson and see what he's thinking

I know you’ve had Good vibes about him but him going to Georgia that last visit has me very concerned… we do not need to lose him unless we can somehow miraculously get Jones.

I’m more worried about him going to Ole _iss this weekend! How in the hell does Kiffin do it? They have the #1 RB visiting this weekend as well…he is going to be a pain in the butt for the Hogs

Well we have two things going for us, Pittman/Davis combination and his buddy Curry from Memphis has already signed… I like our chances but I know Matt Luke is a very good recruiter his self and is now at Georgia and they obviously are a whole lot further along as a program we are. I’m nervous about him

Talked to a source that has a good feel for what Henderson is thinking. As of now, he believes Arkansas is in good shape. Not great shape, but at the end of the day he thinks he’ll be a Hog. But that could obviously change.

Will try and reach out next week.

Ok well we will just have to keep our fingers crossed …appreciate it

That’s right, we will just have to trust our Coaches. If we were to somehow get Jones! I think that would help to spur our final few signees!

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