Richard BAMA transfer Drew Sanders

He’s following a bunch of Hawg coaches on Twitter? Would be a really good addition!

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One to definitely watch.

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My gosh put him next to Bumper or on the edge? Havoc!

For those not familiar with young Mr. Sanders, he is a linebacker from Denton, Texas. Got three starts this year due to injury, played in 11 games overall, mostly on special teams. He got a tackle on the two-point conversion try that would have forced OT in the Florida game.

LOTS of transfer talent all over the place… Keyshon Boutte at LSU would be on my wish list. The mostly recent entrants, including a really good Vandy OT.

He’s a Baller… Big time motor arrives with an attitude… Would be a big time pick up

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Noticed the Bama TE Billingsley hit the portal too. He’d be a nice pickup.

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Yes maybe him and Sanders can both come would be immediate starters

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I see this becoming a trend; teams like Alabama & Georgia develop these young players, then they transfer to Arkansas and excel! :wink:


Another portal entry at Bama is QB Paul Tyson, who basically hasn’t played (10-16 passing total) but is interesting because he’s named for his great-grandpa, a little known coach named Paul “Bear” Bryant. Since Bear went to Alabama from Fordyce, it would be wild if his great grandson wound up back in Arkansas. He’s a grad transfer with three years remaining.


I think us playing them as close as we did lets them realize, hey they’re not that far away! I can come be the missing Link.

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On campus today?

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He is if you read other boards.

How can you be a graduate and still have three years of eligibility left?

First, they go to school all year, second, everyone got a Covid year, which means they have 6 years to get their normal 5 years(assuming a RS year) in.

IIRC, in Brandon Burlsworth’s five years at UA, he got a bachelor’s, a master’s and was working on a second master’s degree. If you knuckle down it can be done. Rice is correct regarding the timeline.

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