Richard are we on any real good post players

I love all the guards we’re signing and looks like if we can get Williams who supposedly more for perimeter player we we’ll have plenty of outside shooters. IMO if we’re ever going to be great, we’re going to have to have a back to the basket post presence to balance us out. we have any chance to bring in anybody like that?

Wait till the spring big dawg. Muss will have every available high major high impact grad transfer circled on his list and will land one of them.

I wouldn’t doubt that, we get one or two of those and within two years we are back on top

I think Jaylin will mostly stay around the paint but he has the ability to go out to the three.

As far as another big, not sure they’ll have room but if they do don’t forget Moser’s trip to Europe.

Wow hope Williams can give us a post presence then

He certainly can, but it’s my opinion that he would flourish as a stretch 4.

Awesome! Would love to see us have someone we could throw it in to

Uh, there’s a guy named Connor that might fit in at center.

Connor might can help for sure is known more for his 3-point shooting than anything else

I always thought he’d be better in the paint, with Conner pulling the other big out of the paint. Thought he’d be a mismatch for most PF’s, because of his size, length, and versatility

I can’t wait to see if they can put muscle on CV…dude needs to bulk up some…

Conner & Williams are both shot blockers on Defense. On Offense they can easily force the opposition’s PF & C 20’ away from the basket to guard them leaving a huge, huge gap in the interior.

That’s a lot of layups & dunks!!