Richard any truth to Kelly Bryant rumor

saw where he may be looking to transfer here

Is Kelly a graduate?

Bryant is still ostensibly the starting QB, but he may see the writing on the wall with Trevor Lawrence breathing down his neck. And CM was his lead recruiter at Clemson.

Just graduated, yes.

Checked with a guy in SC and said he doesn’t think it’s true since he’s still the No. 1 guy and he thinks Kelly is loyal to Clemson, but he’s checking.

You also have this: … 6900867077

I’d be glad to have Kelly Bryant as the #1 QB at Arkansas this upcoming season.
He was recruited by Coach Morris, so I’m sure there’s a comfort level as well as a firm knowledge on the style of play, but he would need to be coming sooner than later to get a feel for the receivers.
This would also allow the freshman QBs to most likely redshirt and more than likely would mean either or both Ty Storey and or Cole Kelley would transfer with the clear knowledge that neither of them are the type of QB Coach Morris wants to run his offense.
Daulton Hyatt would serve as the backup, he is much closer to the type of QB we need for this offense anyway and therefore he would get more reps and develop quicker.
I for one hope it happens, because I see zero chance for much success with either Ty or Cole leading the offense.

Go Hogs!

yeah I kind of took it FWIW and knew he was battling for the #1 job but had heard how impressive Lawrence was this spring and might be hard to beat out…guess time will tell.

I just wonder if they did player exit interviews similar to how chad did. That could have been the beginning of this rumor. If Dabo told him TL or HJ were right there behind him or passing him he may think it’s a safer idea to come to a place where he is the only guy.

Stay and play for one of the nation’s top teams or come play for a rebuilding team whose quarterbacks have gone down more than just about anybody the last few seasons? That seems like an easy decision.

I hear you Dudley, but there is a difference between staying and playing vs. staying and standing on the sidelines backing up someone else. To play might be motive enough to transfer if that is the way it was put to him or at least that is how he took things.

With that logic no an should want to play for Arkansas, not even the arm chair quarterbacks like me…All in all this program is under new leadership so I don’t think Arkansas’ previous failures would hold much bearing, especially if starting at quarterback in the SEC for a previous position coach is the consolation

But playing behind an unproven OL could spell doom for next level opportunities

I like my chances better with an unproven online than with an unproven quarterback

If he’s still the No. 1 quarterback going into the fall camp, he’d be crazy to leave. And I wouldn’t want him if he did. He’s not much of a competitor if he leaves at the possibility that he won’t have the starting job. Backup QB? That would be a different story.


I like my chances better with an unproven online than with an unproven quarterback

[/quote] agree. Right now we got both


Lol the sad truth

As far as I know, Bryant has not been told he will not be the QB yet.

Hence, why leave? And if you were going to leave, it would seem to me you would look for a situation that was just missing a QB and not has so many other questions.

To be honest I don’t there is a team in America that doesn’t have questions going into the off season… However the teams with the biggest question Ls2 are those that have great uncertainty and disparity
I’m talent at the quarterback position. You can survive and have a good season with a rebuilt o-line and defensive scheme but having no quarterback, in my opinion, is like have a car with no keys. Having a quality quarterback can not be overemphasized… it’s a big deal and worth 10 question marks in and of itself

All in all with a good quarterback I think we can at least be a seven win team and possibly eight with a bowl win… Without a quarterback I think we will be extremely blessed to win four games