Richard, any thoughts

On the effect recent educational reform measures will have in the number of eligible, legit D1 recruits?

I referring to places like LR and PB (in the past were hot beds for great players).

Btw, I’m not trying to lure you into a political discussion. I thought you might have discussed the subject with HS and College coaches.

Haven’t really thought about it to be honest. Anything in particular you have in mind?

Will it help get them off streets and back on sports teams, participating in things teenagers benefit from?

Joe Adams comes to mind. When he transferred to CAC, his mother was quoted as saying she wanted him in a better school so he would be better prepared for college.

I guess it might help a bit.

Just me thinking but a parent that’s concerned about their kid’s education usually means that kid is somewhat locked into too and will make better decisions than kids with little guidance. I’m sure some school environments are better than others though.

Just like any new law, we really won’t know for awhile. I see pros and cons on both sides.

No one truly knows how this will pan out.

What recent educational reform measures are you referring to?

He may be asking folks to “woke” up.

Arkansas has been passing a lot of new educational reform bills.

LOL. Yeah, our “woke” needs some fixin.’

ha! define woke, as it pertains to sports

Just google…school vouchers…it’s not a new concept…read what the research says and make your own judgement.