Richard any RB’s we are on?

Any new names at RB?

Is Gooden totally out of picture now?

Yes did they ever contact E. Good man, wasn’t he a four star? And not even a phone call.

Sorry Gooden is who I was talking about.

Unless I’ve forgotten a name, I don’t know of a new RB prospect. They may not believe they need one in this class. They’re obviosuly going to look at the roster very hard during the dead period and they could start recruiting some.

They haven’t contacted Gooden and we’re going to take him off the commitment list.

Richard, would you not say that was odd? He seemed very intent on being a Hog and getting to play with Sosa, but they think the defense is good enough without him? I’m certainly not saying Gooden was the be-all and the end-all defensive player, but he was considered a big get when he chose Arkansas.

The old staff decided they weren’t going to bring Emmit in because he would not be mid-term.

Actually pulled his scholarship only to put it back on the table minutes later.

Even though he has graduated, he still has to pass two courses to be SEC eligible

Thus the probability he goes to Memphis State.