Richard and Dudley, question for yall??

Howdy, hope it’s not to hot up there… It was 108 in Orange Texas yesterday.

Hey real quick, a little recruiting question for you guys. Well a couple actually.

First, should we be concerned with Luke Jones? Seems like he would have jumped on board by now?

Second, do you guys think we will get the two big linemen from Lake Hamilton, Star City and Sercy? Sorry can’t remember the names. I am thinking as like blue shirts??

Last one, do we have any other visits other then the OLB from Tx before the season starts?

Thank you guys

I suspect Luke will jump on board fairly soon.

Will Burgess of LH had a very solid shot of earning an offer before his injury. I think he’s still a possibility on down the road. He’s that good but Arkansas wanted to see him in a more traditional stance vs the one the old LH coach used last year.

Gasaway of SC has a preferred walkon spot at this time. Catrell Green of Searcy has the size (6-5, 350) and tools but is very. very raw. This season will tell us more.

I just posted about a DL prospect visiting on Tuesday.

I have been trying to catch up with Luke since his visit and he has not gotten back with me yet.

Like Richard, I suspect he will end up at Arkansas, but don’t think it is a lock.

Since there are only a couple of OL spots left right now, I’m not sure that there will be anymore in-state offers

SEC Country reporting Luke Jones has committed. … ium=Social

Well, that was quick. He is now committed to Arkansas