Richard and Dudley? On basketball recruiting

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Who do you think we end up with in this class?

And if the 5 in state studs do all stay home, where would you rank it all time ?

Kind of hit on this elsewhere. I think you take all the in-state kids and figure things out later.

Ok I will not ask again…

These boards suck!


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You didn’t ask me, but I think it’s the following:

KK Robinson
Davante Davis
Jaylin Williams
Moses Moody
JUCO big man

I think they have a good chance of sweeping the state. Not saying they will but I think it’s possible. Wouldn’t have said that two months ago.

I think Davonta Davis committing to Arkansas has open a path for the others.

I feel good about Williams and Robinson. feel better than I did about both Moore and Moody and don’t have a clue on McBride.

DD, I have not been able to verify if McBride was offered. Do you think he has an offer from Musselman? .

I don’t believe he does. At least not right now.

Boy time to get excited y’all :beers: :fire: :beers: :fire:

I think it is possible that Moody is ready to make a decision and will do so during his OV. Just some whispers.

That would be a “WOW” class. Maybe top 10 Nationally. Probably highest ranked class since Nolan’s best classes.

Following are the top classes since Nolan

#4 2004 class of Hill, Townes, Thomas
#8 2011 class of BJ Young and Ky Madden
#12 2003 class of Famutini and Brewer
#19 2013 class of Portis and Kingsley
#20 2008 class of Fortson and Rotnei Clarke

I had forgotten about that 2004 great class. Stan did a great job early on in recruiting. Both the 2004 and 2011 classes, in reality though, didn’t end up top 10 classes. Still very good classes though.

I’m assuming you used 247’s consolidated rankings. If you’ll notice, to get to the number #4 ranking in that 2004 class, they included Al Jefferson (#1 overall recruit, I believe) as the 5th recruit. What amazing back to back classes Stan would have had if Al had actually come here in 2004 after that really good 2003 class.

247 also made the same mistake in the 2011 class, including Aaron Ross as the 5th recruit. It appears when they ranked their classes, they included both “enrolled” and “signed LOIs”. Both Al and Aarron signed LOIs, but never enrolled here. They were both really good classes on paper. That 2011 class kinda imploded.

I believe of those classes you listed, our best class was probably that 2003 class ranked 12th. Stan was a little unlucky with both Al and Olu. Olu, as a junior, was a legitimate top 5 player in the country. He blew out his knee in his Sr year, and just never recovered completely, be it physical or mental.

That was a good list you gave us. I do think that, even without Al and Aaron, those top 3 classes you listed would compare to the list Navy presented in his post. If we had a different coach than Stan at the time we brought in the 2003 and 2004 classes, Razorback basketball history might look very different in that 2003 through current time.

Yes, it is from 247. I did not look at the details as you did. Thanks for pointing out things such as Al Jefferson. Classes seldom turn out as rated at signing, don’ they. Same thing kind of happened to 2018 class except it happened before signing. At one time, it was ranked Top 5, but then Perry decommitted and Henderson’s ranking kept dropping and it ended up at #37. And then Macon-Barford class probably ended up higher than initially rated.

If this class ends up as what Navy has, it could be Top 10 to 12. However, other than Moody, no one is a Top 50 player, so I could be wrong.

If we land these kids, yes they are from Arkansas and easier gets, but still it will be remarkable for Muss to pull this off, given he has been here just over 6 months.

I agree 2003 class could be the best.

The Instate Fab 5 would be huge. A balanced class with a quality player for each spot on the floor. I think all would be here for at least two years also. Add in Vanover, Joe if he returns, Jones and JT Notae, and we could be very good next year.