Richard and Dudley how many and who do you like for 2021 B Ball class

I love this commitment from Moore , but was wondering who else and how many you think we might get ?

We have three (3) seniors:
Tate, Smith & Jackson. So, that’s three available for 2021 class. Two now available with the Moore commit.
Now, we all know early departures/transfers can and will happen.

3 Seniors (Tate, Jackson, Smith)… Isaiah Joe (Probably)… Moses Moody (Possibly)… A transfer or two

4 or 5 ish…

Yeah, I like the way Muss’ recruiting seems to be looking like. Get 4-6 recruits a year with a combination of 4/5 star recruits and really good grad transfers (both in and out). You can maintain a nice balance of youth and experience each year. There shouldn’t be many, if any, really down years if he can keep that up.

I think the plan is recruit as if there would be 4-5 spots, but go about it slowly as Coach Muss pointed out the other day.

My guess is 1-3 early if they get the right ones.

Anyone you feeling good about ?

I think the 21 class will be small. I say that because of the lack of evaluation opportunities. Then throw in the strong 2022 in-state class and you want to make sure you have enough spots for that class.

I havent seen anything on the Sylvan Hills player that transferred to a prep school. I think his name is Ricks.

Is he still on the radar?

Last I checked yes. It’s been awhile though. Will check.

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