Richard and Dudley ? For you on OL

Hey guys … could you see us getting in on UT Transfer Waymon Morris ?

This guy is a stud! SEC starter , and coach Pittman had a history… he is one of the ones that hugged coach Pitt after our game…
I believe he is a Soph, so he fits that criteria… would really solidify our OL room…


I haven’t really dived in on this much but will try.

We’ll see what we can find out

That was sure more than “Good Game” in mid-field after that game. I bet coach Sam can get nearly any Olinemen’s attention. Does not mean they would come, but if they know anything at all about him, they will listen. If they listen, they will like him.

Arkansas has signed their full allotment of 25 for 2021. The Razorback wouldn’t be able to place Morris on scholarship until the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year.

Do you think Morris would be interested in walking-on until August, 2021?

No clue on Morris, but it would take a special kid these days to walk on after being a scholarship guy elsewhere. Plus one would think he would have plenty of scholarship opportunities.

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What I tend to look at in situations like happened after the UT game was first yeahhh look at the UT admirers of CSP. He’s a good man. Secondly, and don’t judge me unjustly because SOMEBODY that had covid got around coach around that very time. Either Directly or Indirectly.Possibly whoever infected coach may not or may have known beforehand they were contagious. Coach got alot of hugs and handshakes after that game and the next day BOOM, Coach has covid .Not accusing anyone and it’s all water under the bridge now anyway but a saying that keeps coming back to my memory from time to time is this…ALL is fair in love and war, and… S E C Football.

It wasn’t just after the game. Before the game, support staff from Tennessee met Sam at midfield and began to hug him. Remember, he was an assistant there before he got to Arkansas. So the trainers and some of the other behind-the-scenes guys who are still there all wanted to hug Sam – as did Jim Chaney. I think Chaney knew he’d have a hard time getting from the press box to the field afterwards to find Sam so they met before the game.

Did y’all hear anything?

Heard he’s made his decision but hasn’t announced it yet.

So are the hogs in this ?

No, Arkansas doesn’t have any scholarships available until August, 2021.

I’m sorry but that makes no sense to me? How. would coach Pitt stand up there and say he wanted two OLs and two DLs and not have anymore Ships ? I think we could make this work if needed…

Hmmmmm…would we not have schollies from the kids transferring or are those not available until next year? Not exactly sure how that works so I apologize if a stupid question. Seems like Pitt will find a way if it is someone that can step in now and help.

not seeing it.

This is diving deep into the weeds of how scholarships work. Once a player exhausts eligibility they are still allowed to remain on campus through the next summer as a part of their scholarship. It is an Academic Year (AY) scholarship that runs from July 1 to June 30. Early enrollees can start ONE semester early IF there is a slot on the 85 scholarship list. Since we were well below the 85 count (Covid returnees do not count) at the start of the 2020 season I would presume we still have space for the 3 additional spots. Since we don’t have spots in the 2021 signing class they have to wait for the 2022 class, and the number (three) is not an NCAA rule as much as our own unique scholarship situation.

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Thanks for the explanation Oklahawg…back to the weeds I go… :joy:

Weeds still growing where you’re located?

Depends if it’s a medicinal or recreational state…

Lol. Good one.