Richard and Dudley , Finish as of today

Who do you us finishing with as of today?

  1. Hudson Henry

  2. Treylon Burks

  3. A’Montae Spivey

  4. Jalen Catalon

  5. Sci Martin- Chris Russell

  6. Adonis Otey

Possibilities- Myles Brooks- Dante Walker

Lakia Henry out?

I don’t see a transfer QB slot on your list, RD. You think that ship has sailed?

CCM said there would be a grad transfer QB. He wasn’t sure if he would enroll midterm or over the Summer.

Interesting that Richard doesn’t even list him as a possibility. I thought we led for him. Guess not.

Not saying he’s out, just giving my thoughts on how it all plays out.

No. I expect them to add a grad-transfer but way too fuild to say who it might be.

Richard, QB question. 247 keeps posting we have a 4* QB visiting us multiple times, but it’s behind their paid board (says 2020 recruit). Do you or Dudley know his name, sorry I haven’t seen it on here if you’ve posted it before

This is a link to his profile … -46047021/

Thank You … amage-sec/

Coach Morris there was a possibility of a graduate transfer quarterback even if they rolled into the summer.

He did not say there would definitely be one.

  1. Hudson Henry

  2. Treylon Burks

  3. Adonis Otey

  4. A’Montae Spivey

  5. Jalen Catalon

  6. Sci Martin or Chris Russell or another LB

  7. Myles Brooks, Dante Walker or best player available

  8. Grad Transfer QB or best player available

Thank you

which one of these is/was the “silent” recruit?


Read elsewhere that Henry lacks the math course the sec requires and he doesn’t want to take it. FSU probable. Not sure how reliable that report is.

Saw someone else last month say he was missing a SEC qualifying course. Interested in the answer

This class just keeps getting better. I hope everyone of them exceed their rankings. I am not a huge fan of rankings bc I think there is still some development that needs to take place to play at the SEC level, and I think some just need to get “their internal Burlsworth” to come out in them!!! I hope we finish the class this way and I will say we addressed all needs

22 Husons Henry
23 Traylor Burks
24 Adonis Otey
25 A’Monte Spivey
26 Sci Martin
27 L Henry / Russell
28 Catalon
29 Ben Hicks