Richard and Dudley? any comments on Sam Pittman??

He sure keeps talent rolling in where ever he goes. His GA class for OL is gonna top even Bama the way it looks. Maybe his coaching of talent failed his recruiting, but has that always been true?

sorry if that link is not permitted, but it is most comprehensive and succinct and shows what Pittman can do. I truly have doubts about Anderson right now and just wanted to give some ammo to bumping Anderson up by telling me how much he can coach up talent that Pitt boss cannot.

Sam can recruit there’s no doubt about that. The thinking he can’t coach’em when they get on campus is kind of strange. The last two years the line played well. Now the breakdown in blocking for FGs was on him.

I think it’s way too early to say anything about Kurt. I think there’s a good chance Wagner commits after he visits in July. He’s on several other highly recruited kids.

Seems those are all Georgia boys. Makes it a little easier with all that talent in your backyard.


No doubt. So much more talent on Ga

Makes it much easier to recruit.