Richard, ? about your capsule

I was just looking at it, in particularly who had offered them. I noticed that most of them had pretty nice offer list. My question is were those firm offers? For example, Alabama was listed for several of them. What matters is if they had told Bama yes, would they have had a scholarship there today? Does not seem right. Not doubting your reporting, just trying to see what those list really means. Not saying those schools did not recruit them some or even say we would like to have you here, but did they go so far as to say, sign on the bottom line?

I know for sure on all but Mason. Quite often reporters from the others offers for in-state kids will reach out and ask what the kid is thinking and will he leave the state. One of the people I talk to covers Bama.

The UA and others report Mason with a Bama offer. I have no reason to believe Mason didn’t. Did he have one and had a certain amount of time to commit? Probably.

Thanks. Seems confusing, but then this whole deal always is somewhat of a mystery to me anyhow. Appreciate your help in trying to make it less so.

Bama offers a whole lot of players and then picks which ones they want. Sometime they end up with plan B! That’s what winning does.