Richard a question on a couple transfers

Hey man , now that’s this signing session is about over, I got some questions on a few players …

First, what happened with Juwan Mitchell ? That came close to a commitment right ? Could anything happen in the spring? Doesn’t look like he’s transferred to any school?

Second, are we involved with Georgia DB transfer Jaheim Singletary ??? He would answer a lot of questions back there …

And finally, do you think we will take at least one OL transfer in the spring?


Richard a couple more…

Have you heard anything on some potential interest in Ayobami Tifase from FSU? We have a little history with him, and some rumors or a little rift with him and FSU….

Also Quindarrius Jones…. He has a good relationship with coach Woodson….

I think Juwan wanted to come.

I know there was interest in Singletary. Where it’s going I can’t say.

I think an additional OL is a possibility.

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Need to check.

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