Richard a few ?s for you

First , how many more do you see us getting this summer for Football?

Second how many will we take and who do you like for the remaining OL and DL spots ?

Somewhat of a tough call because of no visits up to July 31. I expect that to be extended to who knows when. Of course Raheim Sanders, AJ Green and Lucas Coley haven’t visited since the next staff has been in place.

I expect OL Devon Manuel to be next. He should do it this coming week.

CB Dreyden Norwood, TE Erin Outley and WR Ketron Jackson come to mind.

I also like Arkansas’ chances with DL Cameron Ball.

Some guys may have it in their minds to wait until during the season or after the season and then decide to go ahead and get it over with.

Richard what’s your expectation for this next recruiting class as far as talent goes by position?

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all about how they finish the second half of the class. They’re done at RB and QB.

I think CB and WR sports have the chance to finish strong. Hard to tell about the lines just yet.

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From looking at what CSP accomplished with our Oline when he was here before I’ve been optimist. I was hoping Sam would have been hired when Morris for the HC job!
It sounds good Richard! I’m hoping the next time we see Razorback :football: they play tough and together something we’ve missed since the Belk bowl a few years back.
God bless you and thank. Stay safe

Devon Manuel will announce his decision on Tuesday.

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