Richard a few questions for you on transfers

Hey man hope all is going good with this transfer portal season upon us…

Got a few questions for you….

First being do you think we will take any additional transfers on the OL and TE?

Second on the DL, how many numbers wise could you see us taking ? It seems like we could be involved with several, Bill Norton, Clayton Smith, Tunmise Adeleye and Marcus Burris …. How serious are we with these recruits and could we , would we take all 4?

I could see another OL. Not saying it will happen but I know they have been looking at several options. Braun was an obvious priority.

I think TE is a possibility. No names right now.

Don’t know an exact number on DL right now.

A source close to the program used my favorite word recently about the portal. Fluid.

I’d really like to nab that WR from Arizona. Any indication he’ll visit?

Don’t know yet.

RD would you say that the situation is…fluid? :smile:

LOL. Yep. Especially with need additions to the portal.

I think we have to take the Guard from Alabama if he’ll come don’t we?


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