Richard…A couple ?s

First on Monday Dec 5th do you think we will be prepared for that? Do you think the coaches have an idea of who is going to enter ? Do you think the coaches will have an opportunity to view tape on those that enter the portal so we can make sound offers?


Pittman said last night on his radio show that they have added staffers to help analyze videos of portal additions. He also indicated the coaches often get an idea of who is entering the portal through the players who have talked to their friends, old teammates, etc.

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What Matt said.

They know they have to jump on kids ASAP and having the extra manpower on hand will help them look at kids in an orderly way.

They have a very good idea about who they’re going to pursue but will look at others too.

Support staffs play a big role in the success of a program. Sam will push for whatever he needs and Hunter appears to be a guy that will accommodate.

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Thanks Matt… that’s smart and some forward thinking buy coach Pittman….

That’s an interesting point Richard… I wonder if all this change in college football will lead to staff expansion? I think the staff limits for on field assistants is just low… maybe up it by two…

I can see the support staff increasing just because of the even more intense 24/7 parts of the job. Yes, HC and assistants make very good money, but the demands are going to push more to the NFL.

NFL coaches don’t have to recruit 24/7 and have more family time. A former college coach told me having to put out fires while on vacation all the time made him go to the NFL. There’s very little down time. Even on days off or vacation they’re recruiting.

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