Rich Tradition!

As Hunter Y stated “We have rich tradition” something he was told about but knows nothing about! You can’t fake being a Razorback no matter how much they pay you to be

But since our tradition is so rich (and it is)…there should be no reason he hires a less established and decorated coach than Alabama, Vanderbilt, Texas A&M, and LSU… If these teams who are less wealthy in basketball tradition than we are land a more prestigious coach than we do…then how could Hunter Y justify his move and claim to be a Razorback

Why don’t you wait and see who is hired before you pass judgment?

My judgement as an If is clear… if he doesn’t hire a better coach than the other programs in our league looking for a coach it’s a fail

So you’re saying that HY stated that we have a rich tradition, even though you say its something he knows nothing about. Then follow that with saying that we do, in fact, have a rich tradition?

… So… maybe he does know?

I mean, I’m no mathemagician or anything, but I would assume that someone who is an AD of a P5 school, would likely over a years time know a little bit about the programs history.

Hes also not faking being a razorback. He is just as much a Razorack as anyone on this board. His loyalty is to the razorbacks first and foremost…considering his job depends on it. No matter how much you disagree with his decision, it doesnt mean that he made the wrong decision.

HY wants our athletics department to be nationally relevant on every level. I would go as far as to say he may want them to win more consistently than anyone on here does, i mean considering his job and reputation depend on it. No one here is in jeopardy of their job or reputation if the hogs have a losing season next year.

relax a little. Even if you dont agree with the situation, be happy we have an AD who is quickly showing that winning isnt enough, that winning at a high level will be expected across the board. As a fan you have to atleat respect that.

I mean, on the bright side, we could still be stuck with a stiff nose AD trying to find dead hookers in the closet of a former coach to ruin his reputation just to get out of a buyout. Now that’s a class act!

I’ve spent quite a bit of time around Yurachek in the past year in a number of different settings. I don’t think you can label him as a fake. He is personable - much more so than his predecessor - and highly committed to his job.

Highly committed as the board of trustees puppet or as Arkansas’ AD because the decision he made today wasn’t good for the basketball program

I’d say at least half the fan base disagrees about that. Only time will tell whether it was good or bad for the program.

A few weeks will tell much the early signing period is coming up or did Hunter decide to tank that as well and count it as a casualty

Now you’re talking about something you know nothing about. That’s 100% assumption, and I’m sure you know what assuming does!

Why take shots at a mans character when you have no idea? We have no reason to believe that HY isn’t a complete professional in all aspects. You’re just pissed he decided that a winning season every year isn’t good enough.

He came here from a basketball program who is outperforming us currently, i would imagine that plays a lot into his expectations.

early signing period was last November 1st. We didn’t sign anybody that I know of. Late signing period is coming up in April. Don’t have anybody committed that I know of. Next year wasn’t looking too bring for Coach A. Recruiting is what got him fired.

We signed Justice Hill who is already on campus.

If you think the early signing period is coming up you should probably take a knee and sit this one out

I meant late signing period typos happen at times my apologies

I know of MA’s overall record at Ark but do you happen to know what his SEC record was at Ark?

78-64 per Wikipedia

Just a few weeks ago HY made a statement about the young team and said they were young! Also he said CMA was a winning coach! I agree with the idea he’s a puppet AD and will do what he is told.
CMA wouldn’t cheat that’s what caused Perry to go to Miss St and that what got him fired! When he signs a coach he ought to go ahead and hire a bag man too!
Win at all cost and look the other way!

It’s my understanding that he’s just a puppet, doing what he’s told. Jerry wanted Chad. Now we will see who Johnny wants as our b-ball coach. That’s who we will get.

Well said sir…very well said!

I don’t believe it, but if true I still prefer it to a sanctimonious fraud unwilling to fire a drunk who was 11-29 in the SEC and left the roster in shambles. Of course, if I’d arranged for my hand picked Razorback Foundation Director to negotiate a secret, more lucuratuve buyout for Mr. 11-29 than what the public contract stipulated I wouldn’t want to fire him either.

Thank God Tommy Boyer exposed Long for the fraud he was and ended the Jeffie/Bert clown show.

It’s my recollection that HY & CM were hired within a couple of days of each other… Kind of hard logistically to match your conspiratorial narrative if that’s the case and I think CM’s hiring agreement was essentially done before HY… but whatever fits your agenda