Rich and Dud?

I am making it my turn to ask the familiar question do you have a sense of who might be the next couple of players to commit?
I really like that the first was a Memphis d-lineman. That checks a number of boxes.

RB Marcus Major, WR TQ Jackson, DB Malik Chavis and OL Joesph Stone would be my picks.

Thanks Richard.

Those 4 would be a great start, especially the RB

I agree with those four.

I also wouldn’t put it past Stacey Wilkins to wake up one day and decide he wants to be a Razorback - or a Sooner for that matter.

He had talked about waiting, but I get the feeling it could come, uh, sooner than later.

I know Beaux Limmer had a really good visit. You never know.

Don’t like your play on words that a subtle hint?

I’m not liking all the “sooner’s” in that post DD…

We may not like to hear that we have serious competition for some of our recruits, but I for one would rather have Richard, Dudley, and crew tell us like it is. Sugar coating has no real benefit in the great scheme of things.

Thanks for all the great updates and information… WPS!

I think he is going to one of two places - Arkansas or Oklahoma.

It’s going to probably depend a lot on what he - and for that the matter the other seven in-state offers - thinks of Morris and this staff in terms of hope for the future.

II think there are a few of the eight that will definitely end up here, but it will be an all-out battle for the first five that were offered.

At the end of the day, I’ll be surprised if Wilkins ends up anywhere other than Arkansas. That said I’ve been surprised in the past.

Can’t be too surprising. We’ve all talked about what an uphill battle CM has with where the program has been for 5-6 years. Just don’t like to see it really happen with such big time recruits from Arkansas. But, it sure seems CM and staff are making good impressions to get started.