Rice Owls a Bourbon Toast and Roast

Rice Bourbon

It’s near time for the

opening game and the Rice Owls are coming to town

It’s first game so expect it to be HOT

So highly recommend a Bourbon slush

Get a gallon ice cream container - boil 9 cups of water - add 1gallon teabag and 2 cups either sugar or non sugar substitute and steep for 5 minutes and remove tea bag. Stir in 1 16 oz frozen orange juice conc. And an 8oz frozen lemonade and stir.

Lastly add1-1/2 (or two) cups bourbon.

Fill with water til container is 1 inch from top

Place in a freezer 24 hours or more until game time - remove and stir

if it’s too strong add ginger ale and stir to preference

Drink straight or add hot candy liquor or fruit flavor to taste in individual glasses ( my wife likes to add amaretto)

I prefer just the slushy bourbon straight just frozen as is from the freezer - but is strong like a Sam Pittman Pig so be aware - it will sneak up on you like a Razorback

So - What bourbon?

Well Markers Mark is s great slushy bourbon because in this game the Arkansas Defense is going to “Make a Mark”

But for the game with the RICE Owls

May I suggest these two bourbons sinply over the rocks or in a “Old Fashion” mix for an old time SWC beat down in Fayett-nam?

Jim Beam - Signature Craft - “Brown Rice” bourbon- said to be smooth with a taste of toasted grain with sweet oak and rich vanilla flavors - A very sophisticated bourbon for a welcome to our very sophisticated Rice guest and rematch of SWC foes

Since RICE is considered a High End School it’s fitting that a very High end Kentucky Bourbon is Kentucky Owl Bourbon

Much like RICE university football mascot however

This bourbon - has good richness and good bourbon flavors of a good bourbon at a higher price

In the end you have the prestige of having owl bourbon but I’m not personally impressed

That said, I wouldn’t refuse a glass either - drink it on the rocks or neat when you toast this first game Rice Owl roast

Go Hogs Go

Drink a lot of water too


I will try to get Gage to try a “Slush” Bourbon next time he’s in Norfork. Doubt he will do it.

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Well it’s not purist Bourbon drinking

But for hot weather it’s good

This is my wife’s fav recipe

Hoping you can pour a sip neat out of your Razorback bourbon when Arkansas wins BIG this year

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With all that is going on in Afghanistan

I’m not so much into Bourbon

But I hope others can Enjoy

Hope Arkansas blows out the Owls

It would be a welcome distraction

College football has been a welcome respite in the past when overseas -

A toast to the Razorbacks and my fellow Americans. In uniform no matter what school or state you are from

Go Hogs Go

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