"Rice coach impressed by 2 Hogs"

That was an interesting headline in an article the Razorback Report in today’sADG. Coach Bloomgren will most likely be impressed by many more by 4pm on Sunday. I went to the Rice website and discovered that despite returning a good number of starters overall, the offensive line is lacking upper classmen. The starting center is a redshirt freshman, as is the number two. They have good, not great size, but if we employ our depth on the defensive line and subsitute liberally, they will not make it through the first half in the heat. Too bad Ridgeway won’t be there. A week after an apendectomy is asking too much.
Coach Pittman’s comments on our QBs accuracy were interesting. He said his opinion of KJ and Malik re accuracy improved after watching tape. That seems to imply they were on target, but the passes were either dropped or the DBs were making great plays to prevent the completion. Confirmation that the defensive backfield will be a strength of this team? Am I reading too much in to this?

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Fluff. The Rice Coach is just trying to put pressure on our two young QBs. There is not enough video of KJ and Malik to point them out and be overly impressed, unless he has been spying on practices this year. Was he not impressed with Burks, Catalon, etc.? Can’t put pressure on them, so call out the QBs. Typical pre-game coach talk.

I asked Bloomgren for any insight on what it has been like for him and his staff to prepare for KJ Jefferson. He said he was impressed with both Jefferson and Malik Hornsby. That’s pretty much it. I don’t believe he was specifically asked about any other Arkansas players.

I hope he leaves Fayetteville impressed with a bunch of Hogs.

Scottie is correct, just responding to a question. I think it’s often important to mention the question when using a quote. As usual, Scottie explains it perfectly.

By the way, he’s done an awesome job the last four weeks despite becoming a foster dad of not one, but four kids. He is an amazing person, as is his wife Mal.


Little of what we do in life is a “ticket” to heaven, but caring for the less fortunate, especially orphaned and abandoned children, surely is. May God bless Scottie and his wife for foster parenting four children. That is more important to me than any sports story. How can I help?


Way to go Scottie and Wife.
Wow with all of the chaos in the world today just reading the small tidbit that Clay threw out there about helping 4 young ones sure does put a different light on things. Without even knowing the circumstances.
Oh btw Clay is also spot on in his assessment of how well you explain things around here. Would also add the timely fashion in which you reply when summoned to.


@ScottieBordelon What an awesome blessing to take in 4 kids. Having been close to folks that have done the same I know it’s tough. But the rewards of giving kids a safe, loving home outweighs the tough days.

Proud of you Scottie. Blessings and prayers for you and your wife. Wow!


Amen to what LD said.

Thank y’all for the kind words. My wife and I have been overwhelmed with support. All the kids are going to watch the game on tv Saturday and they’re fired up.


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