Rhule to the NFL

…Probably not yet but just a matter of time?

He turned down the Jets last year because he wasn’t going to be allowed to choose his coordinators IIRC. He might bite this time with control over his assistants.

Could be, we’ll see :sunglasses:

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My guess is he’s the a Giants HC

Surprised Jerry is not interested in Rhule for the Cowboys, assuming Garrett is released. Can’t imagine Garrett being retained for another season.

Despite Riley rumored to be the front runner for the Cowboys, believe that Rhule might be a better HC with his NFL experience.

If I was Jerry Jones, I’d throw all the money I could stand at Sean Peyton in New Orleans and see if I could get him to come to Dallas. It might be a pipe dream but you never know if you don’t ask.

Payton signed a five-year deal for $45 million in 2016, so $9M a year, and then extended that deal in September for another five years. Money figure wasn’t released at that time but you can be sure he got a raise. Jerry would be required to provide a lot more than money, like draft picks, players or both, to the Saints to pry him loose.

And if I was Sean Payton, I’d stay in Nawleans.