Rhoads feels like Hogs have 6 starting CBs

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … rting-cbs/”>http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016/aug/11/rhoads-feels-he-has-6-starting-cbs/</LINK_TEXT>

Sounds like Britto Tutt has stepped up this week. He’s got great length for a CB.

Timely article JC. I was just wondering how our secondary was looking. Sounds very encouraging.

Britto was one of the underclassmen made available today. He’s definitely not lacking for confidence. Said something to the effect of thinking he could be the best CB in the nation. I’ve always been high on Toliver and like Dean’s toughness. If the DL lives up to the hype, the secondary could be pretty salty given its experience.