Rhoads as DC - fine with me

I am a bit perplexed about why some on this and other boards are wringing their hands over the prospect of Paul Rhoads possibly being elevated to D-coordinator.

The man has a very good resume if you ask me. No less than Clay hailed his arrival, and many on here hailed it as a home run hire as far as assistants go. Personally, I thought from the beginning that we had no chance of retaining him if we kept him strictly as a position coach. So, I was prepared from him to either be hired away, or for the exact scenario to unfold that we are seeing–Smith being encouraged away, and Rhoads elevated.

Now, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Partridge is hired and perhaps given the title co-coordinator.
In fact, I expect that.

But count me in as someone that is fine with Rhoads. His failure to win as a HC at Iowa State bothers me not. Has anyone else ever really won there? Even someone as successful as Johnny Majors had a losing record there.

Let’s go get Charlie and someone with Texas ties for the 10th assistant. And finish out recruiting with a bang.

There’s a lot of good reasons to elevate CPR, but if CBB decides to go a different direction, then that’s good, too. No one knows what the defense will be like whoever has the job, so I take a wait-and-see attitude toward it. You are most definitely right about his inability to win as HC at Iowa State should not play into it. He managed to go to back-to-back bowls there, which is a minor miracle, but again, his nine years as a DC should be more of the deciding factor.

Rhoads is a great fit for us and he has a unique advantage of being here for a year to learn the team and capabilities. I love the rumors of him and Partridge and couldn’t be happier to keep Enos too. There are some other candidates that might make a bigger splash but this team needs a DC to make quick changes without a lot stops and restarts like Anderson did while learning his talent. We need changes to happen early during spring practice so the players can practice until Summer Camp. We need the defense to make a miraculous improvement. I don’t want us tinkering in fall camp like we did on the Oline with a new coach.

As for the posters that are upset, well they are like the guys I have heard say we need to go after Venables, Miles as DC!?, replace CBB with Swinney, etc. There are people on message boards that make me wonder what their real lives are like.

Rhoads is an excellent coach.