Rhoades just needs players - most coaches do

hopeful whatever else we are doing re assistants is a much about recruiting as coaching.

Yes, coaching is obviously important and got to coach up at Arkansas.

I don’t know how well Rhoades is on recruiting but hopeful.

as we have talked so much, we have to improve talent levels or the greatest coaching minds of all time will have hard time in this league with average talent.

If he was successful at Pitt, he can be successful here. I would imagine the talent level is comparable.

Gentry, not to disagree with you, just to point out the difference in the level of play in the SEC and Pitts’ Big East conference at the time Rhodes was there.

He’ll need some help from the recruiting ranks if we are to make any significant move up in the West.

Sure, I get what you are saying. The talent at Arkansas is higher than that at Pitt as well and I really believe the defensive talent is on the upswing. i think it started with last years recruiting class and I think we will see a difference this year.
Again, just my opinion and its worth as much as anyone elses.