Rhett Laslee WOW

He’s headed to Conn, out of the Gus bus.

Rumor is the Gus Bus is looking at Art Briles.

As the OC??
that would be a shocker

Well, prepare to be shocked. They announced it today. But it is a shocker.

Supposedly he went from 600k to 350k. I wonder what the whole story is?

Wait your saying they announced about Briles or Rhett?
I knew about Rhett

Sorry. They announced Rhett. I thought that was what you were shocked about.

Just saw another post about it, supposedly it’s Briles or Miles as top choices.

The article I read quoted Rhett as saying it was a great opportunity for him to “run” the offense. Gus turned over play calling to him in mid season but reading between the lines it would appear that Gus was still very involved.

Taking a $250,000 a year cut is tough. So it may not have been his idea.

In my opinion, this is like Paul Petrino leaving Arkansas for Illinois. Some assistants become so identified with a head coach that it could become detrimental to their career. They have to leave to prove they can coach on their own.

There is also thought that next year could be Malzahn’s last at Auburn if things don’t go well, so maybe Lashlee is getting out before the storm. I think Malzahn has set himself up for disappointment by saying he expects it to be his most talented team.

No way, no how. I’d be shocked beyond belief if that happened. That guy is about as toxic as it comes, Auburn notwithstanding.

Its that or Gus was told to find a new OC that would bring in a different system. Taking a $250,000 pay cut makes you wonder.

I do not think they got along this year. I think both knew it was time. But Rhett would not have taken a $250,000 pay cut on his own. Coaches don’t do that. Paul Petrino did not take a big pay cut when he left his brother for Illinois.

An ESPN reporter just tweeted that per sources Auburn WILL NOT consider Art Briles.

I’m amazed they made an intelligent decision

They rented another good QB, and they have loads of talent at the skill positions. Strong offensive line, and they hope to maintain the defense.