Rhett Lashlee to coach SMU

Sonny Dykes going to TCU and Rhett Lashlee coming to coach SMU. Coach Lashlee was O coordinator at SMU for Sonny’s first couple of years at SMU. Dykes likely saw the need to get to a P5 league, even if the new B12 is not that great. Anxious to see how Lashlee does.


Will he recruit better than Chad Morris did? Dykes had a good base much like Sam P when they both followed Morris. Not sure of recruiting job done by Dykes at SMU.

Dykes recruited well, but especially in the transfer portal. He’s Muss like in that regard. He sort of specialized in getting a lot of the really good Dallas HS players who originally went elsewhere, to other schools, who wanted to come home to finish their college careers. And Sonny had a lot of really good HS commits before he decided to go to TCU. I think he’s a pretty good recruiter. His teams at SMU always seemed to fade late in the year. Probably depth lacking, but I’m not sure he is the greatest coach in the world. Never did much at Cal, but we shall see.

My belief only but these changes at SMU and TCU are not as strong as they were before the coaching changes. Dykes is not going to be better than Patterson. I think it would be an opening for Hawgs to recruit the Metroplex better with our program improving and those having to defend territory with new coaches. Will see if it plays out as plus for Hawgs.

I agree. That, and the fact Oklahoma and Texas are moving to the SEC really does elevate Arkansas’s chances of recruiting well in Texas. The best players will now want to go to A&M, OU, Texas, and Arkansas, as opposed to some going to Okie Light, Baylor, TCU, and Tech. All four of those schools, in recent years, have gotten very, very good players that would’ve otherwise done well at Arkansas. Hopefully, that will change. We only need 25 or so per year, and recruiting well in Texas never hurts…


Dykes is only as good at recruiting as coach samples on his smu staff delivers. Samples and 3 others are reportedly heading to tcu.

I don’t wanna lose our rb coach but if we did coach sample and/or jabaar juleke(sp?) at ULL would be my choice

It doesn’t seem like long ago Rhett was publishing a high school football magazine here in Fayetteville. His rise has been pretty fascinating to watch.

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I’l bet he and Gus don’t exchange Christmas cards.


Will be curious to see if & where Patterson will land as a coach. He may have burned out after 20+ yrs at TCU.

ut is losing some commitments after their lackluster finish to the season & after so many questions about Sark’s future. Hope Hogs can pick up some of these players & gain a bigger foothold in North Texas recruiting.

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I think Patterson is done with coaching. The game has passed him by.

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Why not?

Gus fired Lashlee as his OC at Auburn in 2016.

Yeah, I remember he and the mag put on a HS 7-on-7 tournament on the UA campus. There were several Razorback recruits there.

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